Stay Safe in the Arizona Heat

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We want you to stay safe this summer, no matter what plans you’ve made. In Arizona, we have some significant weather-related challenges so we all need to be reminded of how to stay safe and prevent heat illness.

1. Don’t underestimate the danger of the heat.

Every summer over 2,000 people end up in emergency rooms with a variety of heat-related conditions. Of these, over 100 people die. Take the warnings seriously to make sure you and you’re your loved ones won’t be one of them.

2. Understand the danger signs of heat-related illness.

Heat stroke doesn’t just suddenly happen. There are signs that lead up to it and knowing them could save your life. In the beginning you may just feel thirsty. Ignoring your thirst can lead to more serious heat illness. Paying attention to your body is especially important in our extreme heat. To review all the signs and symptoms of heat illness you can go the Arizona Department of Health Services.

3. Don’t forget your two best friends.

In an Arizona summer, your best friends can prevent heat illness before it starts. First, always, always bring water and don’t forget to drink it consistently throughout the day. Next, scope out your environment and make sure there’s plenty of shade. Head to the shade periodically to rest and give your body a chance to cool down.

4. Have your air conditioning unit checked.

You never want your air conditioning unit to break down. But you really don’t want to be stuck when it’s 110° outside. Service providers try to provide prompt repairs, but summer is their busiest season. The extreme heat puts extra pressure on your system. One simple way to avoid costly repairs is to clean your filters regularly and get a professional to clean your coils every 6 months or so. Regular replacement of the filters helps your AC work better and last longer in the Arizona temperatures.

5. Never leave anyone inside your car in the summer.

According to the Phoenix Fire Department, that interior temperature can reach 138 degrees in as little as five minutes and 150 degrees or higher in 15 minutes – even with the windows cracked. Electronic devices and foods also don’t do well left in a car.

6. Be smart when getting dressed.

Now’s the time for lightweight clothing like cotton and other breathable materials. This allows your body to cool itself more effectively and you’ll be much less likely to overheat. Don’t forget your hat either. Keeping your head shaded with a lightweight hat also helps prevent overheating.

Any tips you’ve used to stay safe in our summers? Enjoy your summer and stay safe!

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