Hit and Run Accidents

Experienced Arizona Car Accident Lawyer

Hit and Run accidents can often leave a claim for injuries and property damage unaccounted for by the person who caused the accident.  Experienced legal counsel can help you understand your options and how you can seek recovery for hit and run injuries and property damage.


Arizona Law Requires Drivers Stop After an Accident

Arizona law requires drivers to immediately stop or return to the scene if the hit and run caused injury, death or damage to a vehicle. Drivers have the duty to exchange information with one another, to render aid or to get help in times of injury. A knowing failure to stop and comply with the law is a misdemeanor and is considered a felony if death or serious injury occurs, with a penalty of 5 years in prison. But, what happens when a victim is unable to accurately identify the vehicle that caused the accident or the driver?

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

At The Law Office of Arnold N. Hirsch, Mr. Hirsch has the experience necessary to help you reach the right settlement with your insurance company.  Often the best part of your insurance policy, which protects you and your family, is the uninsured or underinsured coverage.  It is important to review these types of coverage before you need them in order to make sure you are covered in the event of other parties not having adequate insurance to cover their accidents.

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