East Valley Guardianship and Conservatorship Attorney

When an adult is no longer capable of managing their own affairs or a minor’s parents are no longer able to care for their child, the court can appoint a legal guardian. Court appointed guardians have the legal authority to make decisions about the care, living arrangements, and medical treatments for their ward.

This is very similar to guardianship; however, the conservator is responsible for financial matters for the incapacitated person. This is often the same person as the guardian.

When is this necessary?
When an adult is no longer able to make safe decisions for themselves due to mental health, disability, or other incapacitation, a guardian and/or conservator can be appointed to ensure their well-being and care.

When a minor’s parents are no longer capable of caring for their child, whether temporary or permanent, a guardian can be appointed by the court. The guardian is responsible for medical insurance, housing, schooling, and all other duties of a parent.

We understand that every situation is different.
Mr. Hirsch has extensive experience assisting Arizona families care for their loved ones in a time of need. From petitioning the court to gathering the necessary documentation, Mr. Hirsch can help and guide you through the entire legal process.

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