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Living wills are one of the most important components of an effective estate plan as it gives families clear and concise written directions on end-of-life wishes for the individual who is ill. While many are fearful of drafting a living will, moving beyond the discomfort and taking the next step can give you a sense of comfort in knowing you are protecting your family from future anguish or heart-wrenching decisions.

Without a living will, family members and physicians will not know how to treat you in dire circumstances should you not have the ability to speak for yourself. A living will can save a spouse and family members from disagreements surrounding these decisions. By preparing for the future, you can save your family a world of anxiety and confusion that could potentially never be resolved.

As you consider drafting your living will in Arizona, consider Mr. Hirsch and his team at The Arnold Hirsch Law Office of Scottsdale who, with over 35 years of experience, offers compassion and expertise as individuals and families plan for their future.


What can a living will do?

A living will is actually not a will at all. Instead, it outlines your wishes for healthcare should you ever be unable to communicate these wishes in times of need. In other words, a living will becomes your voice to protect both you and your family from difficult healthcare decisions.

A living will is a document that is written in advance, allowing you to establish the:

  • Type of medical / end-of-life care that you want to receive in certain circumstances
  • Type of medical / end-of-life care that you do not want to receive in certain circumstances
  • A trustee whom you trust to ensure your desires are carried out, known as a power of attorney
  • Your wishes regarding anatomical, organ, or tissue donation

Not having a living can cause added stress, anxiety and confusion for family members and doctors when it comes time to make decisions regarding your healthcare. In some circumstances, the burden of removing life support can overwhelm family members while doctors and medical professionals truly know little of you or your preferences. A living will removes the questioning and confusion as it communicates your specific wishes in such times.

Give Your Family a Secure Future

Even if you are healthy and young, taking the time to write a living will can bring confidence and peace of mind in knowing you are planning for the unexpected. Why let strangers make decisions for your life when you can ensure your desires are carried out through a living will?

The Law Office of Arnold N. Hirsch can help you better understand the paperwork associated with living wills and estate plans. Contact us today at (480)832-3000 for your consultation.

We can help you make informed choices about your living will and explain your options. With over 35 years of experience in Arizona law, we are here to help guide you through this process to ensure your desires are carried out and that your future is protected.

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