Be Comfortable With the Attorney That Writes Your Will

attorney writing will

It is a delicate subject and one that can cause fierce family rivalries when large amounts of money are involved; your last will and testament.

One of the reasons that this is such a difficult subject to broach is the simple fact that no one wants to face their mortality. Thinking about what happens after you die is not exactly a pleasant task.
Another issue is clearly the greed that pops up in even the best of families as our loved ones think about what they “should get”. Even the kindest family members can often get caught in this trap for many reasons. They may have cherished memories of staying at the family home or watching mom knead the dough while wearing her wedding ring, that makes it difficult to let go.

However, I believe that the most prominent reason why writing a will, talking about a will and reading a will is so difficult is because the people involved are highly emotional about their loved one passing.
That is one of the reasons why it is essential to get an attorney that you can trust and understand. This is your life’s work; what you want to pass on to people you love. It may be money, homes, or valued heirlooms. You are writing out how your family and friends will divide what you leave behind; reminders of who you are and what you wanted for them.

Your will is important and personal and should be handled in a personal manner. While most attorneys do know what they are doing; few have the ability to take the time to ensure that their client understands everything and is comfortable.

Many attorneys are accustomed to being very assertive and can come off as cold and abrasive in this way. Other attorneys simply rattle off what is necessary from the client to draft the will like a mathematical equation and the client is left feeling uncomfortable, confused and slightly afraid to ask any more questions.

Choose an attorney who can explain things to you on your level. Do not pay someone to make you feel like you have no idea what just happened. This is your life, your family and your last will and testament.
You can get more detailed information here, or call the Law Offices of Arnold N. Hirsch at 480-832-3000 for a consultation. With over 35 years of experience in Arizona law, we’ll be there to make sure your last will and testament is accurate and that you feel comfortable with your attorney.

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