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How We Set Ourselves Apart

Whenever a situation arises where you must hire a lawyer, estate planning clients and injury victims have varieties of options that make it difficult to know that you have made the best choice. We at The Law Office of Arnold N. Hirsch feel that good decisions are always made when our clients know what they will be getting from us.

Our three Client Promises are:

1) An Efficient Case settlement of a Personal Injury cases:This actually depends on various factors that span the immediate need for money to be used in covering expenses, all the way to the bigger fight to get fair settlements from insurance companies. We take into account what could be lost or gained by moving the case to a trial. Every case is always different and that’s why we always do whatsoever it ethically takes for the clients in our care to get a complete and fair financial compensation.

2) Professional Estate Planning:If you want a family plan, simple will and expanded trust, or a complex trust and highly tweaked estate planning, we shall provide the information to you, offer advice, and the service that you will need to make the correct decisions for your family and yourself.  We complete your plans with the greatest consideration and care.

3) Top Rated Client Service:We always take pride in being big enough to take care of complex situations, but little enough to always ensure that you receive an extraordinary client service which you will not find anywhere.

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Arnold Hirsch, Attorney

35+ Yrs of legal Experience.  I always enjoy what I do.  I love assisting individuals with their legal issues. In my free period, I enjoy politics, reading, travel and discovering new eateries at which to consume some food. I also love going to live events [sporting] whenever time allows; enjoy meeting new people and also sharing experiences. I also enjoy being a mentor to law pupils through volunteer work that I do in Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity Intl, the biggest law fraternity in the world, A place where I have had the honor of having leadership positions for over 20 yrs as a volunteer.